Behavioral health

Advocacy, Support & Intervention

Behavior health services

Contact: 906-353-4532

The Behavioral Health Department is staffed by a full-time Clinical Social Worker and Psychologist who provide individual, couples, and family psychotherapy and crisis intervention.  The Psychologist will also administer any further psychological testing needed.

Eligibility Criteria: Mental Health Services are provided to qualified Native American children, adults, and families with mental health needs.

Victim of Crime Assistance (VOCA)

Contact Person: Wanda Seppanen 906-201-0200, 906-353-4533

Advocacy services for women, men and child victims of all crimes: Child physical abuse, child sexual abuse, DUI/DWI crashes, domestic violence, adult sexual assault, elder abuse, adults molested as children, robbery/larceny, violent crime, and economic exploitation/fraud.

Services: 24-hour crisis intervention and support, short-term crisis counseling, follow-up contact, information and referrals, advocacy during sexual assault cases, personal protection orders (PPO’s), court accompaniment, victim impact statements, legal and medical advocacy, advocacy and support throughout the criminal justice process, and transportation.

Eligibility: Tribal persons residing on or near the reservation and non-tribal persons affected by a tribal person residing on or near the reservation.

Domestic Abuse Intervention Project (DAIP)

Contact Person: Mike Beiring 906-353-4534

The DAIP Program designed to evaluate and assess men or women for battering tendencies, to provide an alternative to jail for men arrested for domestic violence, and to offer an extensive education program.

Offers men a 24-week educational program using the Duluth Model and meets on Monday’s from 5-7 pm. People entering the program need to have an intake interview and attend an orientation session prior to attending the first lass.

DAIP cooperates with all courts and New Day Treatment Center. Fee is $30 per session unless the person is Native American or in significant-other relationship with Native American in which case fee is paid for by KBIC.