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The KBIC Diabetes Program is funded by the I.H.S Special Diabetes Program for Indians. The purpose of the Special Diabetes Program for Indians is to implement diabetes treatment and preventive services using effective evidence-based intervention strategies that address community needs.  Quality diabetes care practices are guided by the IHS Standards of Care for People with Diabetes.


The program provides diabetes education for Native American people with type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes and pre-diabetes.  Individual education is available upon request from the patient or referral from a physician.  Group education is provided monthly through our Diabetes Talking Circle Support Group.

Individual Diabetes Education is available as well. The educator works with patients to provide education and assists them to better control their diabetes.  They provide education on diabetes medication, insulin, diabetic complications, disease process, life style change, coping strategies and stress reduction.

A Registered Dietician is available for individual and group nutrition therapy for people with diabetes and pre-diabetes as well as other health conditions that are related to diet (eating disorders, heart disease, hypertension, renal disease and obesity).  You can schedule an appointment with the dietician by calling 353-4521 or by a referral from your physician.

Diabetes Personal Action Toward Health (DM PATH) workshops are held annually.  DM PATH consists of a six-week diabetes self-management program for people with diabetes, pre-diabetes and caregivers.

Special programs are provided as funding permits.

Quarterly diabetes mailings are sent to people with diabetes every 3 months.  Included in the mailing is a copy of the community health calendar, listing all diabetes programs and activities and a handout on various topics related to diabetes self-management.

If you are not on our mailing list and would like to be or would like to schedule education or a counseling appointment please contact 353-4521 for assistance.

Community Influenza Clinics for adults are scheduled in the fall, September–November.

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The Community Health program also coordinates a monthly Diabetes Foot Clinic.  Patients coming into clinic receive a comprehensive foot exam and foot care.  Patients that are at risk for developing foot complications are monitored and provided education to reduce their risk.  Patients presenting with a wound or foot complication are referred to their primary care physician for medical care.

Diabetes staff also dispense Glucose Meters.  Staff provide instruction on proper use of the meter, target blood glucose range and when to check blood glucose.  Patients should plan on a 20 minute visit when obtaining glucose meters. Once set up with the meter patients are able to obtain test strips, lancets, and lancet devices from the KBIC Pharmacy.